Six Senses La Sagesse Hotel directs towards tourism expansion in Grenada

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Grenada: Six Senses La Sagesse Resort, located at Grenada’s Southern tip, is soon to open in the coming month, April. This addition to the tourism sector of Grenada would mark a remarkable sign of tourism expansion.

Grenada is widely known for its special tourism as it is a beautiful country, holding all the beauty and charm that can offer great to the people visiting the country. People come to explore the country because of its special cultural features that include Underwater Sculpture Park, Chocolate production, beaches, waterfalls, historical forts.

Not only this, the country as well is known for its spices, is considered as the island of spice, and the adventures at the island makes it even more special which include leatherback turtle watching, scuba diving and many more fun activities.

Grenada is nowhere behind whether it is for tour attractions, activities or food. Grenada is famous for its local chocolate, guava jam, and rum. People from all over the world arrive, especially from all around the world. 

The Six Senses La Sagesse Hotel, constructed in the country, has offered 1750 jobs, which are divided into 1000 construction jobs and 750 long-term hotel jobs. This gives a complete idea that the construction of such a prestigious hotel is a sign of overall growth and development in the country.

This hotel not only has given the economic boost in the terms of tourism escalation however, as it generated such a significant count of employment, reflects the opportunities for the local population for revenue generation for them.

The construction of the hotel was earlier planned in St Kitts and Nevis, but then the investors took their idea to make an investment to the neighboring Island Nation, Grenada. On being constructed, it offers wonderful experiences and exploration to the people of the Caribbean and those who will arrive in the region for a tour.

The hotel has promised wonderful experiences, including the sleep standard that is meant to transform the nights. A special program, Sleep with the six senses program, designed by world-renowned sleep experts, was set up that invites people to immerse themselves in the calming melody of the ocean waves. 

All this proves that the opening of Six Senses La Sagesse is one of the best introductions to the country of Grenada.

George Henry
George Henry
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