Saint Lucia shares traffic plan for Assou Square

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force shared the traffic management plan for the Assou Square activities in Castries. This plan ensures that the residents of the nation have a smooth and hassle-free commute to and from the activities on the 1st and 2nd of January 2024.

The traffic management plan is delineated to make sure that a continuous flow of traffic is maintained as well as to avoid congestion by following all the rules and regulations.

Notably, the road will be closed at the intersection of Brazil and Laborie streets, Micoud and Brogile streets, Peynier and Jeremie streets and Bridge Street and William Peter Boulevard.

Moreover, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force also noted about the places where people can or can’t park their vehicles, which are as follows:


  • Along the entire Brazil Street from Manoel Street to Chaussee Road.
  • Bridge Street south bound lanes.
  • Jeremie Street from Manoel St. to Peynier St.
  • Manoel street from Jeremie St. to Inner Relief Road.
  • On the streets within the city which are closed for the event.


GENERAL PARKING: Conway Car Park, Barnard Hill Car Park, Vigie Sports Complex Car Park, Victoria Street private Car Park and anywhere else within the city parking is permitted or not prohibited.

VIP AND OFFICIAL PARKING: Castries city council park on Jeremie Street.

CONCESSIONARIES: All authorized persons will be granted access to the booths before 9:00 am on Monday, 1st January 2024. All vehicles must be removed within the zone of the event for complete road closure. Concessionaries in need of restocking supplies, must be done by foot.


  • Dennery Buses will operate from their normal bus stand.
  • La Croix and Ciceron buses will be on the northbound side of Bridge Street near first National Bank.
  • Vieux Fort Buses will be on Micoud Street near S&S.
  • Bexon buses will be on the northbound side of Bridge Street near M&C Home Depot.

The traffic management plan for the La Fargue Playing Field Assou Square for 1st and 2nd January, 2024:

Road Closure- The main road leading into the playing field will be closed to regular traffic.

No entry-

  • Entrance of playing field near Health centre.
  • Dirt Rd from playing field into small playing field.

Parking: The following areas will be utilized for parking which includes:

  • Small playing field
  • On the left side along the La Fargue/Choiseul High Road travelling south in the direction of Vieux Fort

No Parking- There will be no parking along the following streets:

  • The right side of the La Fargue/Choiseul High Road heading south in the direction of Vieux Fort. This will run from the Cemetery hair pin bend to upper La Fargue Road.
  • Along the minor road around the playing field.
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