Saint Lucia Police: 18% drop in firearm offenses, 198 cases solved in 2023

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The efforts made by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force towards crime eradication bear positive results. The nation witnessed a reduction of firearm offences by 18% in the island nation in 2023 as compared to 2022.

It is to be added that, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force successfully solved around 198 cases out of 303, resulting in a decrease of 67 cases related to firearm related crimes.

The Saint Lucian authorities took several measures and conducted various exercises in order to seize the illegal firearms. The exercises include, traffic checks and executing warrants has played a crucial role in curbing the crime rate.

Noting to the information shared by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Corporal Travis Mathurin, Saint Lucian officials has recovered 109 illicit firearms. The statistics stated that the firearms seized were 38 in 2022 and 21 in 2021.

The maximum number of firearms that were recovered by the island nation is pistol. The officers had recovered 74 pistols in 2023, 57 and 69 in 2022 and 2021 respectively.

Such achievement made by the island nation highlights the tiring efforts of the officers of the Saint Lucia and their dedication towards the country. These efforts sheds light on the aim of the authorities of providing a safe and secure environment to all the citizens of the nation.

It is to be noted, the exercise of recovering firearms was started because of increase in the homicide rate. In 2023, the gun was a majorly used weapon in all the 75 homicide cases registered by the authorities of the nation.

Moreover, while emphasizing the recent incident witnessed in the nation, the Criminal Investigation Department in Castries received a report of a shooting at Ravine Poisson Castries.

As soon as the officers, received the news they responded to the matter on arriving at the scene. The authorities found a male who had sustained multiple wounds created by gunshot.

Therefore, the personnels are trying their best and taking all the stringent measures possible by seizing illegal firearms in order to reduce the crime rate.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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