Saint Lucia acknowledged World Pharmacy Technician Day

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Pharmaceutical Association of Saint Lucia Inc. observed World Pharmacy Technician Day on October 17, 2023. The aim of the day is to honour the technicians for their great skills and contribution to the field.

Astride Mondesir, who is serving as an Acting Chief Pharmacist and President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Saint Lucia, highlighted the significant contribution of the technicians to the smooth running and success of the pharmacies.

She added that technicians perform and provide vital duties in the support of pharmacists in the ever-evolving world of healthcare and the practice of pharmacy at this time.

Recognizing the work of Pharmacy Technicians:

Pharmacy technicians are the first friendly face that the patient sees. They play an influential role in supporting the pharmacists in various ways, such as:

  • Patient data entry
  • Preparing insurance receipts
  • Ensuring stock levels are adequate
  • Pre-packaging and counting of the medicines
  • Generally assisting in activities that ensure the patient’s life is made better
  • Assisting with an explanation on the use of medical devices and over-the-counter preparations
  • Waiting on patients

Ms Astride Mondesir marked that the pharmacy technicians deserve a day of appreciation and recognition for their tireless and consistent work as they have become vitally important parts of the team.

About World Pharmacy Technician Day:

Every year, countries across the world celebrate World Pharmacy Technician Day on the third Tuesday in the month of October. This year, World Pharmacy Technician Day is celebrated on October 17, 2023.

It is quite evident thing that pharmacies are busy places, and pharmacies couldn’t run without their support. So, on World Pharmacy Technician Day, the world comes together to commemorate the hard work and support of the women and men behind the counter who ensure patients receive medication accurately and safely.

The title role of a pharmacy technician is a fundamental part of any healthcare system, and there is a need to take some time to appreciate all that they do. 

Pharmacy technicians can constructively reduce wait times at the pharmacies as they are experts in handling insurance forms and medication dispensing.

Pharmacy technicians, while on the front lines, provide customers with the answers to their questions regarding the medications and offer advice about the different treatment options.

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