Saint Lucia: 26-year-old stabs man to death, charged

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Castries, Saint Lucia: A 26-year-old was charged with the offence of brutally stabbing and killing a 30-year-old. The incident took place at around 5:00 pm on Sunday 31 December, 2023 at Manoel Street.

Notably, the accused has been identified as Marcel Demille, a resident of Hospital Road, Castries. The victim has been identified as Shyan Edwin.

According to the information, the Criminal Investigation Department of Castries, Saint Lucia received the news and the authorities immediately responded to the matter of stabbing that occurred on Manoel Street, Castries.

Considerably, the victim was brutally stabbed by the suspect, subsequently he was taken to the Owen King European Union (OKEU) Hospital. The doctors and the medical practitioner examined him thoroughly and provided him with the best possible medical facilities. However, the victim couldn’t survive and was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner and doctors on duty.

As per the source, the investigating team of Saint Lucia tried their best to get the culprit arrest and put him behind bars. The efforts and the hard work of the police officials successfully paid off, as they arrested and subsequently charged 26-year-old Marcel Demille of Hospital Road, Castries, for the murder of Shayn Edwin. The reason behind the murder is still not known. However, the officials are investigating the matter thoroughly.

After that, the accused was taken and presented before the First District Court in Castries on Tuesday 9 January, 2024. He tried to file for bail but his bail request was rejected and was remanded to the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Moreover, the residents of Saint Lucia responded to the case by expressing their sentiments on the matter. One of the people commented “He should be brought to justice quickly and he should deal with severe punishment.”

It is to be noted, the people of island nation have expressed their gratitude towards the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Along with that the authorities always tries their best to take some stringent measures in order to curb the rate of crimes.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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