Red Walters creates history, claims silver medal at Pan American Road Cycling Championship. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Red Walters creates history, claims silver medal at Pan American Road Cycling Championship

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Grenada: Red Walters achieved historic milestone by claiming 2nd position at the Pan American Road Cycling Championship. The event was scheduled to take place on Sunday in Brazil which made Walters the first Grenadian to win such an elite medal. His victory is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of the athlete towards cycling.

He completed the race in a brilliant time frame of 4 hours 17 mins 51.47 seconds. This exceptional time frame exemplifies his hard work, determination, and focus on his goals and turning his aspirations into reality.

Walters was away from bagging gold medal by just time difference of 2.79 seconds. As, Leangel Linarez of Venezuela won gold medal at a time frame of 4h 17m 48.68s. Meanwhile, Wilmar Paredes of Colombia became the recipient of bronze medal with time limit of 4h 17m 51.47s.

Following the victory, Red Walters shared glimpses of the event on his official social media handle and expressed delight on representing Grenada on the podium. He stated that this race was always a big target for him for the last few years and getting a chance to represent his nation and winning a medal means a lot to him.

He also extended gratitude to his teammate, Karega Charles for stopping him from losing his mind with all the cereal he ate and lauded him for helping in maintain his diet so that he could accomplish all his tasks effectively and efficiently.

Red Walters further added that he is looking forward to the next couple of races back in Europe before moving to Grenada for the nationals. He also thanked every person in his life for being a source of motivation and guiding him in every step of his life. Along with that, he specially mentioned the sponsors of the event for providing him with the best equipment’s which helped him in his entire journey.

His passion and determination will play a huge role in inspiring the other young athletes of Grenada His victory and medal is a proof that he is a man of strong personality and will-power who never gives up regardless of result.

Moreover, the Grenada Cycling Federation also extended gratitude to Red Walters on this accomplishment and stated “Congratulate Our National Cyclists Red Walters for making history and placing 2nd at the 2024 Pan American Cycling Championships held in Brazil.”