Raid on Mexican Embassy in Ecuador draws the ire of CARICOM

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CARICOM has come out to condemn a raid conducted on the Embassy of Mexico in Ecuador on Friday, as police officials entered the compound in search of the former Vice President Jorge Glas. CARICOM issued a statement on the matter on Sunday, in which the Caribbean community said that the raid clearly violates the Vienna Convention, which stipulates that the sovereignty of consular offices and diplomatic missions can not be violated.

Caricom went on to state the following, “CARICOM is therefore deeply concerned that the Republic of Ecuador has recently taken actions that have violated the premises of the Embassy of Mexico in Quito. We anticipate that both states will seek to resolve the matter through dialogue and access to relevant multilateral process with a view to ensuring that our Region remains one of peace.”

As Glas has been charged with corruption in Ecuador, the police arrested him on Friday to make sure that he appears in court and has to answer for his alleged crimes.

Jorge Glas on the other hand has accused the government of looking to politically prosecute him to justify his decision to seek refuge at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, on the 17th of December 2023.

Following the arrest of Jorge Glas, Mexico has made the decision to break diplomatic ties with Ecuador, after the Mexican government granted Glas asylum just a few hours before the raid was conducted.

The primary accusation that Glas is facing, implies that he meddled with funds that were set aside for earthquake reconstruction initiatives, leaving him in a tough spot with the authorities in Ecuador.

While most nations in the vicinity are displeased with the fact that the authorities in Ecuador raided the Embassy of a friendly nation, several have also questioned the nature of the support that the Mexican government extended to Glas.

Public opinion on the matter remains divided and it is yet to be seen what the trial manages to reveal with regards to the accusations against him.

It will also be interesting to see how Ecuador responds to the negative reactions it has received internationally for the raid and whether it has a serious affect on the diplomatic missions that other nations are maintaining in the nation.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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