Prince William honours civilians at Windsor Castle, returns to royal frontlines duties

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London, United Kingdom: Britain’s Prince William honoured civilians for good deeds at Windsor Castle before attending the London Air Ambulance annual fundraiser in central London. It is to be noted that the William returned to the royal frontline duties on Wednesday.

There is a possibility that he will take on some of his father’s duty during the treatment phase, and to share the load of work, he will be supported by fellow senior royals, Princess Anne and Charles’ wife, Queen Camilla.

William, 41, is the eldest son of Charles and successor to the throne. He kept himself away from community involvement as his wife, Princess of Wales, was admitted to the hospital on January 16, and since then, he has been taking care of her and their three children.

King Charles III’s shocking cancer news and Catherine’s abdominal surgery put all the responsibility on Willliam’s shoulders, so he decided to fill the Royal Void until his father underwent cancer treatment.

As per Buckingham Palace’s statement, the crown head of Britain has been advised by the doctors to postpone his public-facing duties due to illness. However, the monarch will continue to undertake the state business and official paperwork as usual.

Statement issued by Buckingham Palace. (Credits: TODAY, Facebook)
Statement issued by Buckingham Palace. (Credits: TODAY, Facebook)

The people of Britain extended their support and expressed sympathy for William, who is now handling the burden of maintaining his family and official duties.

The monarch completed just 17 months into his reign following the death of his 96-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022. And the news of cancer shook people in the nation.

According to the sources, it has been said that the King’s estranged son, Prince Harry, arrived in the UK at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, and soon after, he was spotted leaving his Clarence House residence in London for Sandringham, his country estate in eastern England.

Prince Harry leaves Clarence House just 45 minutes after arriving to visit King Charles. (Credits: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Facebook)
Prince Harry leaves Clarence House just 45 minutes after arriving to visit King Charles. (Credits: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Facebook)

This news has raised hopes that perhaps there has been a reconciliation between King Charles and his younger son, Prince Harry. It is not hidden from anyone that the tensions between the duo have also affected Charles since the beginning of his reign.

Notably, the Palace has not revealed the type of cancer the 75-year-old King has, although it is understood that he does not have prostate cancer.

As per them, ‘a subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.’ The Buckingham Palace issued a statement that the King began “regular treatments” on Monday. 

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