President Moïse launches forum of Director Generals of public administration

Haiti President Jovenel Moise
Haiti President Jovenel Moise

Haiti: President Jovenel Moïse presided over at the BRH Convention Center for the launch of the Forum of Director Generals of Public Administration.

In the presence of numerous officials of the administration and other public authorities, the Head of State reminded the Director Generals of the need to develop ethical meaning in the performance of their tasks in order to enable the Haitian people to benefit optimally from the execution of state expenses.


The efficiency of public actions and new actions necessarily face resistance from forces that fear good governance, says the President. Thus, measures to end administrative gabegies have often faced significant obstacles that have proved that good governance is the way forward to eradicate corruption that gangrene public institutions, he insisted.

President Moses believes good governance requires the involvement of all public servants who will face many opponents. Therefore, he explains, by putting the interests of the nation above particular parts, the Director Generals must arise with courage and professionalism.

Accountability and solidarity between institutions is essential to ensure good governance as a practice of managing state affairs. Respecting standards, especially regarding public contracts, is helping to put in place good governance that must be applied to the benefit of the public explained President Moïse.

Inviting the Director Generals to work for the well-being of the population by ensuring sound management of the state’s resources with a view to facilitating public administration reform, economic growth, among others, the President of the Republic has concluded by wishing that the interconnection of public institutions, through the digitization programme, is a reality before the end of his mandate.