President Ali asks Guyana’s Muslim citizens to pray for peace during Ramadan

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President Irfaan Ali of Guyana spoke on behalf of the nation, urging the Muslim population of the country to pray for peace and the safety of those who find themselves in conflict zones around the world, as they observe the Holy Month of Ramadan.

During his visit to Jamaica, where CARICOM leaders and United States representatives converged to discuss the ongoing political and economic crisis in Haiti, President Ali stated the following, “Let us dedicate a portion of our fasting and prayers to all their plights, praying fervently for their safety and well-being. Let us stand in solidarity with them, advocating for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the violence that has inflicted such immense suffering on innocent lives.”

The situation around the world is less than ideal and President Ali said that he is cognizant of the fact that Muslims around the world have been affected by the conflict in Gaza in particular. Palestinian citizens continue to find themselves the victims of violence and starvation, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas develops.

With such sombre truths in mind, President Ali conveyed that he wishes people to achieve spiritual growth, peace and tranquillity during Ramadan. He also said that his most sincere hope is that the prayers of devotees are heard and answered, which would usher in a better future for those who find themselves living through difficult times.

Guyana itself has a significant Muslim population and it is but natural that the citizens of the nation are disheartened by the manner in which Palestinians are being treated, as Israel and Hamas fight each other in Gaza.

The true magnitude of the conflict is such that thousands of innocent people have lost their lives, including women and children. This is a reality of the conflict that has shocked the world and left many with a heavy heart, regardless of their religious inclinations.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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