Police captures 14 people during raid on human smuggling ring in Sint Maarten

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Human smuggling in the Caribbean was dealt a severe blow as the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) conducted a calculated operation early in the morning of the 9th of April, at a guesthouse located in Cole Bay.

The raid was organized on the basis of an ongoing investigation, which is uncovering human trafficking operations in the region, in a concerted attempt by the authorities to clamp down on such criminal activities.

The fourteen individuals who have been detained by the police are said to have been implicated in the illegal operation. Thirteen of them have been identified as Haitians, while one is a Dominican Republic national.

The Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) issued the following statement, delineating its perspective on the case, “These individuals have been placed in immigration detention as the investigation continues. In accordance with established procedures, officers from the Immigration and Border Protection Services will assist KPSM in processing the detained individuals to facilitate their eventual repatriation to their native countries.”

The Police Department has assured citizens that it will continue to deploy its resources to combat human trafficking in Sint Maarten, thus ensuring that this evil is eradicated from the territory.

The authorities have also set up an anonymous tip line that citizens of Sint Maarten can use to give information to the police regarding illegal activities of this nature. They have also been asked to visit the nearest police station if they wish to share information that can help the police in its investigation, under the assurance that their identities will be protected.

Human trafficking and smuggling have been serious issues in the Caribbean as it has acted as a way for traffickers to move from Latin American nations to the United States.

This has meant that the region has been grappling with these issues without the vast resources and manpower that the likes of the United States have at their disposal.

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