PNM wishes swift recovery to PM Rowley from COVID-19

Prime Minister Keith Rowley tested positive for lethal coronavirus. This news made people devastated.

PM Rowley calls citizen to get vaccinated
PM Rowley calls citizen to get vaccinated

Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister Keith Rowley tested positive for lethal coronavirus. This news made people devastated. Earlier, he had a heart complication which made people worried and concerned about their leader.

PNM announced, Dr the Hon. Keith Christopher Rowley, Political Leader of the People’s National Movement, Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West and Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a man whose strength and courage are as unshakable as his integrity and his resolve to do right by all manner of men. 


Furthermore, PNM added, We, the party members that he leads, have taken note of the positive coronavirus diagnosis given to him today. We are certain that he will follow all of the doctors’ advice, disciplined as he is, as he deals with this.

“Our leader has repeatedly emphasized that the virus does not discriminate between party membership, social status, profession, age or any other social demographic or construct,” PNM stated.

PNM added, “Our Prime Minister leads this nation not only with the grit of a loving father but with the example of a dedicated and protective guardian who will do everything possible to protect those in his charge.”

PNM notified, “Every additional positive diagnosis is one too many, and he is no exception. The People’s National Movement lifts our party’s leader and the nation’s leader in love. We pray that he, and all those afflicted by the virus, will have a swift and complete recovery.”

“The PNM continues to implore all citizens to follow the health guidelines, practice physical and social distancing, adopt personal hygiene, be responsible in all of their actions, and follow all of the procedures prescribed by the Ministry of Health,” PNM continued.

PNM stated, “The virus is genuine, the global pandemic continues to be unabating, and the consequences were devastating. Living with this virus is our new reality, and it is up to us to protect ourselves and our loved ones. May God bless our Prime Minister, and may God bless our nation.”


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