PM Rowley again sympathises; says don’t paint Coast Guard as murderers

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Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister Keith Rowley has once again shown sympathy over the death of the migrant child when the Coast Guard accidentally attacked the migrant vessel. But, this time Prime Minister stated that he would like to ‘reject’ every attempt to paint the TT Coast Guard officers as ‘murderers’.

He said that during his interaction at the opening ceremony of the Maloney community swimming pool on Thursday afternoon.

He further said that it was an accident and baby Yaelvis Santoyo Sarabia was killed, and his mother was injured by mistake of the coast guard; it wasn’t intentional.

On Thursday, PM said that it is the job of the coast guard to protect the twin-island country, and we must appreciate it without painting them as murderers. He added that as a grandfather, he understands the pain and suffering of the family, but he also rejects that the coast guard must be called murderers.

PM was quoted saying, “It is common knowledge that in Trini­dad and Tobago we are under constant penetration by persons from other countries who see Trinidad and Tobago as a better opportunity. That might surprise some people in Trinidad and Tobago who spend all their waking moments trying to convince the majority of people in this country that lives in this country is hell on earth.”

“But whatever it is, we protect it, we guard it, and we appreciate it,” he said, adding, “As a grandfather, I understand the pain and suffering of the family of the baby”.

“And to be called a murderer, I reject it, I reject it, and I reject it,” the Prime Minister further said.

The nine-month-old baby was killed in his mother’s arm on Saturday night when the TT Coast Guard officers fired on the migrant vessel. Later, the coast guard clarified that it attacked the vessel in self-defence after it tried to ram its boat.

George Henry
George Henry
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