PM Mottley announces new Cabinet, 18-yr-old might get to serve as senator

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After retaining the position for the second time, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley announced her new Cabinet on Monday, January 24, 2022. In the Cabinet, some fresh faces are to be seen. The special part of this 2022 Cabinet is that PM Mottley has also proposed an idea to allow 18-year-old Barbados Scholar Khaleel Kothdiwala to serve in the Senate.

Making the announcement, she thanked the general public for showing immense faith in her and Barbados Labour Party (BLP), which once again made them capture all the 30 seats. This year, Cabinet members have decreased to 20, from 24 earlier.  

The Cabinet of PM Mottley: 

PM Mottley appointed Santia Bradshaw – as the deputy prime minister along with Attorney General Dale MarshallDr Jerome Walcott and Kerrie Symmonds as her senior ministers. Although, she will continue to keep herself portfolio as – Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, along with responsibility for Culture, Security, Public Service, CARICOM and the Development Commissions. 

Apart from being the deputy prime minister, Bradshaw will also hold the portfolio of Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources and Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly.  

Walcott will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and is also the senior minister coordinating all social and environmental policy. Symmonds will be the Minister of Energy and Business Development and a senior minister coordinating the productive sectors.  

The position of first-ever Chief of Staff has been allocated to Jonathan Reid

Ian Gooding-Edghill – is the new health minister now, while Kay – McConney was named as the Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, and Davidson Ishmael – as the Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology.  

Rommel Springer and Corey Lane have been assigned as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources, and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elderly. 

PM Mottley asserted, “It is with this Biblical understanding of the tremendous confidence & responsibility placed in BLP and myself, as Prime Minister, that I thank you for the unprecedented mandate of a second term with all of the seats in the Lower House of Barbados. We are most honoured! We are humbled! Most of all, we are committed to deliver for all the people of our country. Our new development agenda, which we titled in our Manifesto, “Our Barbados: Owning Our Future”, is a transformative one intended to build human & social capital and a sustainable economy, in which the skills of all of our citizens and residents are recognised and utilised”.