PM Mitchell brings bold shift in agriculture sector, ends nutmeg & chocolate exports

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St George, Grenada: Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has advocated ending the export of nutmeg and chocolate from the island, which is famously known as “Spice Isle”, and should use them for its own purpose while presenting “Vision 75”, a roadmap for the country’s development over next 25 years. 

PM Mitchell shared his thoughts on what Grenada’s nutmeg industry can achieve and how it will support the development of the nation on Monday. He said that it is important for them to be able to feed themselves. 

While questioning the contribution of raw nutmeg exports even after a century of its production, the leader of Grenada challenged the status quo of the nation’s nutmeg industry.

“We produce hands down the finest nutmegs, but after 100 years, we still export our raw nutmegs. And it begs the question: does exporting our raw nutmeg create one single additional job in Grenada? The answer is no”, he stated. 

He further added that the strategy of exporting will not generate significant job opportunities in the country.

Initially, nutmeg was a major export, but due to Hurricane Ivan, the industry experienced damage to a great extent, which also affected the country’s economy. 

The Prime Minister of Grenada is focusing on increasing the country’s agricultural landscape to enhance food security. He initiated a ground breaking shift in the island’s export strategy with a prime focus on nutmeg and chocolate. 

Moreover, he also highlighted the success of Belmont Estate as a model for sustainable bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing, which displayed Grenada’s existing capacity for local chocolate production. 

As per sources, PM Mitchell is aware of the fact that Grenada is not able to compete with major nutmeg producers, so he brings a strategic change and prefers to switch to value-added products. 

Noting this, Grenada aims to capitalize on nutmeg’s versatile uses, including applications in medicine, food and cosmetics, by discontinuing exports of rat nutmeg and investing in local processing capabilities. 

The idea of ending nutmeg and chocolate exports will prove to create a more independent and profitable agriculture sector.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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