PlayStation 5’s First ever Official Game named Godfall RETURNS, Release Date and Other Details.

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Godfall is an upcoming action role-playing game. The game tends to set in a high fantasy world where the player can play the role of an armored warrior with animalistic abilities. The activity games allow players to have an intense armed conflict with other powerful creatures.


Godfall is a third-person melee game developed for platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. Counterplay Games are the developers of “Godfall.” Publisher of this PlayStation 5 game is Gearbox Publishing.

Release Date: “Godfall”

Godfall is a new activity game having incredible features, visuals, and settings. It is the first-ever officially announced game for PlayStation 5. The game scheduled to release in the vacation season. We can guess that game will release in late 2020. This role-playing action game officially announced at The Game Awards in December 2019.

It is going to turn out one of the dream games for the players. It has everything that a player is crazy for- Armor, LOOT, and heavy combat and bloodshed. The game is supposed to set in a fantasy setting. The player can assume the role of a heavily armored warrior having some non-human abilities.

Trailer: “Godfall”

The official trailer of Godfall was released on June 11 on Sony’s Future of Gaming PS5 reveal event. From the trailer, we can anticipate that players are surely going to love this fantasy action role-playing game. The gameplay and story are about to get praised by the lovers of this genre of games. The game is about to set in a fantasy setting with magical elements. The trailer has elevated the excitement of gamers. Now players highly await the game.


Gameplay: “Godfall”

The gameplay of “Godfall,” the new action game, is impressive and full of action. In 2019, a six-second video clip leaked on both Reddit and Twitter. The video clip gave a glance of gameplay for “Godfall.” Since then, players are waiting for official gameplay updates and are anticipating the features and format of the game.

The game will give players a chance to customize their character, particularly the aesthetics and choice of armors. Players can unlock new armor after completing battles with equally powerful and amazing enemies. Also, players can choose different weapon classes in Godfall.

The role-playing game action will take place in a fantasy setting. The setting split into the different arena of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. The game gives players a shot to play the role of one of the last exalted Knight’s Orders to prevent a major apocalyptic event. Further, the players will have the opportunity to have three primary character classes from where they can equip the characters.

Modes: “Godfall”

The player can play in three different manners. Each mode will have different experiences and recognition. The three distinct ways in which the game can perform are:

HIGH COMBAT MODE: Here, the name itself tells about the mode. In this more, there are intense combats.

LOOTER-SLASHER: This mode includes Loots, a lot of chases, and legendary weapons.

BETTER TOGETHER: As the title suggests, the mode will allow players to CO-OP play. One, two or more players can join.


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