“Patrick Faber’s UDP leadership unchanged, unchallenged”

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Belize: The Central Executive of the United Democratic Party categorically states that, contrary to erroneous claims from unauthorized sources, Patrick Jason Faber remains the undisputed, duly elected leader of our party.

The Leadership Core of the United Democratic Party indeed convened a meeting between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm today, where the Party Leader went into great details about an incident regarding personal domestic and family matters. At no point in the meeting, however, was any request made for our Party Leader to step aside.

“Patrick Faber continues to enjoy the full, unreserved confidence and support of the duly constituted bodies that direct and manage the affairs of our party in accordance with its constitution,” statement read.

The UDP appealed to mischief makers to cease and desist from spreading false information, and calls on media organizations to refrain from reporting as news such baseless and misleading rumors originating from unofficial, unauthorized sources.