PAHO launches vaccination week in Americas on April 25

PAHO launches vaccination week in Americas on April 25

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Dominica: Minister of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment – Dr Irving McIntyre shared an update on PAHO Vaccination week in the Americas.

The Minister of Health of Caribbean country stated, “It’s the 20th Anniversary of vaccination week in the Americas, and over 1 billion persons have been vaccinated in the region since then. Although the Covid-19 vaccine has been highlighted due to the ongoing pandemic, it is an opportunity to catch up on other missed vaccines as well.”

McIntyre further stated that this has become very relevant due to the fact that vaccination numbers have dropped due to the pandemic. This was due to the repositioning of Health care workers and the limitations posed by social distancing and restrictive measures.

It is for this reason that we must participate to ensure that the gains we have made in eliminating diseases such as rubella, measles and polio are not lost.

He further stated, “I encourage everyone to act responsibly and get yourselves and children’s vaccination status (not only Covid-19 vaccination) up to date.”

“Engage your health team who will be knocking at your doors,” he asserted.

“This afternoon, we a very interactive symposium on primary health care and non-communicable diseases. We are fully aware of the importance of primary health care in transforming any health care system and mitigating the effects of NCDs,” the health minister outlined the activity on primary health.

“NCDs pose a major threat to our socio and economic development as a small island developing state. It must be a multi-sectoral effort involving all ministries with community involvement to recognize the benefits for our citizens,” he added.

“The PAHO experts had extended discussions with the Minister and digital team from the Ministry of public works. McIntyre concluded that the future looks bright for further integration of primary and secondary health care in Dominica,” McIntyre concluded.