Rome: New Year's Eve fireworks led Massacre of birds!

Rome: New Year’s Eve fireworks led Massacre of birds!

Approximately hundred birds die due to fireworks that happened in Italy's capital Rome. New Year's Eve fireworks led Massacre of birds, which is not good news. They were scared to death!
Barbados: 37 new cases of COVID-19, 8 Recoveries

You must check COVID-19 reports of Bahamas,16 new cases found

Coronavirus is a threat, and it continues to petrify several. Office of the Prime Minister of Bahamas reported new 16 cases of covid-19. It creates chaos among the population. The Official page also declares COVID-19 reports of the Bahamas which you need to check!
Guyana Prez Ali grants $25,000 for Public Servants of Guyana

President Ali grants $25,000 for Public Servants of Guyana

President of Guyana Dr Irfaan Ali declares Cash grant of $25,000 each for public servants of Guyana. This is not less than a piece of good news for all public servants. This includes GuySuco workers, teachers, medical professionals and joint services.
Jamaica: PM Holness mourns on passing of 'Tyrone Robinson'

PM Holness announces National Identification Bill for Jamaicans

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announces Digital Currency and National Identification Bill implementation by Jamaican government via video message from his Facebook official account. He wishes 'New Year' to his citizens and declares some significant measures for the community's development(Jamaicans).
'2021 is Year of the Constitution,Election& Electricity' says Haiti President Moïse

‘2021 is Year of the Constitution,Election& Electricity’ says Haiti President Moïse

Jovenel Moïse, 58th President of the Republic of Haiti wishes' New Year' to their citizens . Along with the warm wishes he also announced about 'New Constitution' in Haiti. This new Constitution must preserve all the democratic guarantees guaranteed by the 1987 mother law.
Dr. Lorde requests government to 'Lockdown' Barbados

Barbados: COVID-19 45 New Cases and More Stringent Rules too!

Cases of coronavirus is increasing day by day in Barbados. Everybody is petrified and hence Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley announced a curfew from January 1, 2021, to January 14.