Motionless body of construction worker found in trench in Victoria

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Georgetown, Guyana: The motionless body of William Montrose, a 26-year-old Miner/ Construction Worker, was discovered in a trench with multiple wounds on his head and upper left side of his chest on Sunday in Victoria.

According to the reports, it is said that he was stabbed and robbed by three men in the evening hours of Sunday.

It is to be added in the police’s remarks that after Montrose was robbed and injured by the men, he left the scene and later returned armed with a cutlass, and he attacked the men, leaving one dead and two others with serious injuries.

Notably, the male who was killed by Montrose is identified as Yoffi Bobb, a 24-year-old Mason of Lot 51 Victoria, East Coast Demerara.

Delex Skeete, a 25-year-old Plumber and Siyani McFarlene, a 19-year-old Mason (both from Victoria), have been recognized as the two who are currently hospitalized with serious injuries.

As per officials, between 01:45 and 02:00 hours on Sunday morning, Bobb, along with Skeete and McFarlene, were at a party at Victoria. The party was hosted by a 36-year-old Barber when it is alleged that they attacked Montrose and took away his gold chain (30 pennyweights).

During the attack, Bobb, along with the others, dealt a construction worker with multiple stabs about his body.

The statement made by the police stated that “During the attack, Yoffi Bobb, along with the others, dealt Montrose several stabs about his body. Montrose then left and returned with a cutlass and dealt Yoffi Bobb, Siyani McFarlene and Delex Skeete chops about their bodies.”

Notably, after the attack, they rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where Bobb was declared dead on arrival while the other two were admitted as patients.

However, Skeete’s condition is considered serious, and McFarlene’s condition is regarded as stable. Bobb’s body was examined, and severe wounds were seen to the right side of his shoulder.

As soon as the ranks received the report of this incident, they immediately combed the area of the scene and found the body of Montrose in a drain about 500 feet from the north area of the scene.

Additionally, police recovered the body and discovered three wounds: one on the forehead, one to the left side of his upper chest and two to the right side of the jaw.

Moreover, officers have also found one black handle knife which was tucked in his left side waist. They took the body of Montrose to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, and doctors declared him dead on his arrival.

Investigation of the case is ongoing.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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