Morgan Lewis; only operational windmill in world

Morgan Lewis, the largest sugar windmill located in the beautiful parish of St Andrew is the only fully intact sugar windmill left in the Caribbean.

Barbados: Morgan Lewis, the largest sugar windmill located in the beautiful parish of St Andrew is the only fully intact sugar windmill left in the Caribbean.

The Morgan Lewis windmill is also one of the most significant parts of the rich culture of the country Barbados. This is all bound to provide heritage tour experience. Also, it offers  a spectacular view to give the pleasure to eyes with the beautiful sightseeing from the top of hill at the mill.

Interestingly, a special guided tour is offered by various of your guides for the exploration of Morgan Lewis Windmill. This marks the significance of the rich heritage of the country.

Even, a few months ago, Time To Explore Morgan Lewis Windmill Citizens Special  offered such a tour at various prices:

  • $10 BDS for Adults
  • $5 BDS for Children

Also, a complete tour under food and natural heritage tour was offered at the price of $75 BDS.

All about Morgan Lewis

The windmill was built in 1927, however stopped its operation in 1947. Then, it was handed over to the Barbados National Trust

for perseverance as a museum.

Then, its operation again started in 1999, but its restoration took the significant amount of $800,000. And, this is the only windmill in operation in the world.

Considerably, this windmill no longer grinds sugarcane but during the crop season (February to June), power is given to it by its sails. The windmill only operates one Sunday in the month.

Interestingly, it is also included in the list of 100 most endangered sites in the world.

It is a significant tourist attraction in Barbados. Also, the tourists get the chance to taste freshly crushed cane juice produced during the crop season.

Ubiquitously, mill consists of the equipment used to produce sugar in the times when only wind power was used for its production.

All such aspects connect mill to the rich heritage of the country.

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