Melissa Skerrit celebrates Carnival Monday, shares glimpses

Melissa Skerrit, the Minister of Housing, land and Urban development  celebrates the national carnival of Dominica, Mas Dominik 2024. She participated in the parade and joy at Carnival Monday.

Roseau, Dominica: Melissa Skerrit, the Minister of Housing, Land, and Urban Development, celebrated the national carnival of Dominica, Mas Dominik 2024. She participated in the parade and enjoyed at the Carnival Monday.

She has shared glimpses of her experience from the carnival. Her unique costume reveals all her excitement for the carnival. She wore a colorful vibrant costume adorned with the special ornaments.


Her appearance radiates excitement and attracts others to the country and the carnival. People have expressed their admiration for Minister Melissa Skerrit.

One citizen, named Anether Adams Bernard mentioned that “there’s a reason why the lady loves her carnival, is to free up, not to be followed”.

Such words by him state that the entertainment and the fun going on in the country even marks its significance by providing relaxation to the mind.

Another even mentioned “lovely colors,” this gives an idea that the vibrant colors of costumes even reflect the state of the heritage of the country. 

“So beautiful, everyone looks so beautiful, costumes as well,” commented one of the citizens on watching the Minister in such a costume having fun.

Mas Dominik 2024 is making people vibe on the beats during the parade. Many of the groups including Bwa Bwa, Darkies, Ban Move, Sensay, Lapo Kabwit, Calypsonians, Flag wavers and costume bands.

The cultural showcase by these bands and groups reveals the true picture of the culture and heritage of the country. The carnival is traditionally celebrated in Dominica during the entire month of February and the part of March.

For the first time this year, the celebrations even set another level start at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium. The first live press conference of Real Mas took place on January 3, 2024.

Interestingly, bands performing like Lapo Kabwit will even entertain people with the rhythmic beats of musical instruments. The rhythm which echoes in the air renders extremely pleasant vibes and aligns with the true purpose of the carnival.