Mehul Choksi gets a paid report released by a Hong Kong based agency

In a surprising turn of events, fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi has enlisted the services of a Hong Kong-based agency to release a report.

It has come to light that fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi has enlisted the services of a Hong Kong-based agency for investigation of his disappearance case. The firm has been paid by him to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his alleged abduction and subsequent disappearance. The agency has compiled and handed over a report to Choksi’s lawyers.

Doubts persist about the credibility and objectivity of the agency’s report, raising concerns about whether they can truly provide an accurate account of Choksi’s ordeal.

There are several unpaid independent reports in the public domain that prove that Mehul Choksi was not abducted, instead, it was a mere attempt to abscond from extradition. Notably, one comprehensive report comes from American Financial Investigator Kenneth Rijock, who has provided evidence that challenges the narrative laid out by Mehul Choksi and the agency hired by him.

Additionally, Tariq Ghaffur, a highly esteemed former Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in the UK, has also conducted an investigation and published a report denouncing the abduction claims. These reports offer a different perspective on Choksi’s disappearance and abduction case, providing alternative information for consideration, which was deliberately ignored in the report of the Hong Kong-based agency.

Mehul Choksi has taken matters into his own hands by releasing his own set of reports supported by the investigation conducted by the Hong Kong-based agency he hired. This move raises concerns about the potential manipulation of the system on a significant scale. With Choksi seemingly exerting control over the narrative, there is growing apprehension that he may even attempt to establish a courtroom and police station in his own backyard, wherein he could pass judgments favouring himself.

It has also come to light that the manipulation surrounding Mehul Choksi’s case extends far beyond his own reports. Recent information indicates that substantial sums of money are being paid to prestigious news organizations in the USA, UK, and Europe with the intention of disseminating misinformation about the case. This calculated effort by Choksi aims to divert attention away from the actual facts and create a narrative that portrays him as a victim of injustice.

The narrative of the abduction and mysterious disappearance was planted by the team of Mehul Choksi. According to the report, the initial search conducted by Cpl Williams, the Duty SPO at Johnsons Point Police Station, yielded no sign of Choksi’s vehicle after a thorough inspection of the area, including entry and exit points. However, the following day, a follow-up officer named Muhamad reported that Choksi’s car had miraculously appeared in the North Finger area, specifically near villa 407 E&F of Jolly Harbour. What raises eyebrows is the fact that the car was found in the very area that had been previously checked by Cpl Williams just hours before, strongly suggesting that the vehicle was deliberately planted afterwards.

Another startling detail from leaked documents within the Police Department shed light on an alleged meeting between Mehul Choksi and two Jamaican nationals in April 2021. The documents suggest that during this meeting, a deal was struck wherein the Jamaican individuals agreed to transport Choksi to Cuba in exchange for a monetary sum. Initially, the date of travel was set for May 24, 2021, but on May 23, Choksi unexpectedly requested the Jamaicans to expedite their plans.

Another strong question that arises here is that if it was a state-sponsored operation carried out by the Government of India, then why did the plane land 6 days after Mehul Choksi was arrested from a shore in Dominica?

Despite so much information in the public as well as in police reports that denounce the claims of abduction, the investigative agency employed by Mehul Choksi continues to ignore these points. It is clear that the Hong Kong-based agency has been employed just to portray Mehul Choksi as a victim of injustice, while they deliberately ignore the actual facts from their investigation.


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