Mark Brantley’s older daughter gets married, beautiful dress wows people

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The older daughter of Premier Mark Brantley of Nevis got married over the weekend. The leader shared an overwhelming message with the photograph of walking her down the aisle.

He said that the emotions were mixed, but he counts it as the proudest day of his life to see Brianna Brantley start a new chapter of her life.

 “This weekend Mark and Brianna were wed bringing the Pennyfeathers of St. Kitts and the Brantleys of Nevis together as one family. I ask for your prayers for this beautiful couple so that they may have a lifetime of happiness together. God bless you, Mark and Brianna,”.

Premier Mark Brantley with daughter Brianna Brantley on her wedding day

Dressed in a beautiful white dress, with a long trail and her hair tucked back in a sleek bun, Brianna Brantley looked stunning holding white flowers in her hands for her beach wedding.  The intimate gathering invited only close family and friends of Mark Brantley.

He shared the wedding photos on his social media, wherein one of the photos Brantley’s wife could be seen holding the dress trail of her daughter as she starts walking towards the altar.

Mark Brantley’s older daughter gets married, beautiful dress wows people

Brantley’s wife also dolled up in a beautiful blue dress, matching the colours of the Caribbean Sea’s water. Mark Brantley also replaced his Facebook cover with the wedding photos of his daughter.



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People also showered the family with love and congratulations messages across social media, sending good wishes to the newlywed couple.

“What an absolutely gorgeous couple they make! Congratulations! May God bless and direct them and grant them a long, happy, healthy and fruitful union,” commented a user named Lisa Hazel.

Another person named Dedah Brookes said that it is a privilege to walk down daughter on the aisle,” Congrats, good sir! What a privilege it is to walk your daughter down the aisle. As Father’s Day approaches, we salute you not only for the exceptional job you have done in raising your children but also for your unwavering dedication to Nevis. Here’s to honour you for being a great father and a great leader, excelling in both roles and achieving remarkable success. Your commitment and achievements are truly commendable,”.