Man shot dead near JMMB Bank in Chaguanas

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A man identified as Mark Harracksingh was shot and killed near JMMB Bank in Chaguanas on Monday, December 19, 2023.

Notably, at around 10:45 pm, Harracksingh and his common-law wife had just completed sales at the flea market in the Mid Centre Mall and took an exit from the compound.

While approaching their vehicle along the Southern main Road near JMMB bank, they observed a silver car parked near the three occupants.

Shortly after that, an armed suspect came out of the vehicle, and he fired multiple shots at Harracksingh before they re-entered the car and fled from the scene.

As soon as people gathered at the crime location, they immediately informed the police about the matter. The responding officers arrived at the scene, and they observed Harracksingh’s lifeless body on the ground, bleeding from gunshot injuries.

Notably, the officers summoned a DMO to the scene who viewed the body, made their pronouncement and ordered its removal.

Investigations of the case are ongoing.

Additionally, this was the second murder that took place in the Chaguanas within 24 hours as just yesterday, a man who is yet to be identified was reportedly stabbed to death during an argument with his child’s mother near Centre City Mall.

While reacting to the news, many people shared their opinions from their official Facebook handle.

One person by the name Richard Huggins wrote, “Alyuh doh want to believe is the people who are to blame, the authorities are not doing anything about the situation, but ask alyuh self who put the people in authority in that position to encourage the criminals.”

Another person, while replying to one person’s comment on the carelessness of authorities, said, “Do the authorities live in the minds of criminals? Do the authorities tell them to go and commit crimes? Do the authorities know when a bandit would rob and kill?

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