Man fined $1300.00ECC for assaulting teen in Brighton

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Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines: A 70-year-old man was charged for assaulting a teenager in Brighton with the amount of $1300.00ECC. The victim was a school student, who received severe injuries on his body.

According to the information, the accused was identified as Junior Morgan aged 70, who was a retired electrician from Diamond. The police were informed about the incident and the investigating officers responded to the matter.

They arrived at the location, and upon arrival, they found a 14-year-old teenager lying on the ground. He was taken to the medical facility, and currently, he was undergoing medical treatment.

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that the retired electrician allegedly unlawfully and maliciously stroked the teenager on his right forearm with a piece of board. The attack was found unlawful and malicious by the officers.

The incident occurred on April 2 at around 12 pm in Brighton, however, a 70-year-old man was charged for the offence this week.

As per police reports, Morgan appeared before the Calliaqua Magistrate Court, where the offences were read to him and he was pleaded guilty. The magistrate ordered him to pay $1300.00ECC in default for one (1) year in prison.

The authorities are working, along with St Vincent and the Grenadines police to combat the problem of crimes in the country. They will respond immediately if the related matter is reported to them.

The population across the concerned region took to their social media handle (Facebook) to express their concern regarding the incident. Some of the comments read as,

“O my god, this is so bat. Now children is not safe in our country. We need police to take action and fight against crimes”, quoted one.

“My heart go out for the child who got hurt. The man should send to jail for this offence”, commented another.

Additionally, such stances of crimes put the safety of the people, especially the children at risk. Any kind of physical assault against children can have long-lasting impact on their physical, mental and emotional health.

It can severely pose a bad impact on their social and economic well-being. The people of the country are urged to be aware of such criminal activities and immediately report the matter to the police if they observe anything similar happening around them.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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