Low sugar stock: major concern for Saint Lucians

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Saint Lucia: The country, Saint Lucia has noted low stock levels of sugar and the public is informed regarding the same by the ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs.

The issue has come forward with the difficulty reported by Saint Lucia’s sugar suppliers in meeting the general demand of it. The government of the country highlighted the reasons behind the shortage. 

“Unfavorable weather patterns led to poor crop yields and lower production quality, resulting in generally low stock levels within the region,” mentioned the authorities.

Importantly, the Department of Consumer Affairs is already in process of securing shipments from alternative suppliers with a shipment expected between January 22, 2024 and January 28, 2024.

Further, the Government assures the public that measures have already been taken to lower down the effects of any shortages connected to future times. Even the authorities have encouraged consumers to manage the stock which they have carefully till the problem is not solved.

Wendy Frederick, Director of Consumer Affairs, Saint Lucia also shared the consumer advisory on the availability of Sugar. In this, she basically stated the reasons for the shortage and made it sure to the citizens that authorities are working to address the concern.

When considering the past records, it has come forward that it is the 6th time since 2021, when Saint Lucia have faced this issue and many times, the reason given to this delayed shipment. One of the citizens of the country added that the country should start thinking about producing its own sugar.

While another added the suggestion by quoting, “How about taking steps to reduce this nation’s addiction to sugar? High Sugar consumption is bad.”

Not only this, many other people as well presented their views on it. However, are hoping for the solution to the issue by authorities as early as possible for better conditions.

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