LIAT, the regional airline that connects the Caribbean. (Image Credits: ATR Aircraft)

LIAT flight schedule hampered by maintenance issues

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LIAT, the regional Caribbean airline has stated that there is a disruption in the regular flight schedule due to unforeseen maintenance issues. The airline that is based out of Antigua and Barbuda is known for its high frequency inter island flight services in the Caribbean.

Representatives of LIAT has also said that the airline is working around the clock to resolve these issues in order to resume its regular flight schedule.

Having said that, they refrained from giving a guaranteed timeline, sighting logistical issues and a disruption in their supply chain. As a result, multiple flights scheduled in the next few weeks have been cancelled until further notice.

The airline has acknowledged the inconvenience caused to its customers but has stated that the safety and well being of its passengers, crew and support staff is paramount.

The airline is also attempting to make the life of passengers easier by exploring alternative options for them.

Passengers affected by these cancellations are being tended to by the airline’s Reservations Call Center. Through these means, the airline is attempting to help passengers with alternative bookings.

Meanwhile, the support staff is focusing on resolving the maintenance issues to ensure that flight connectivity in the region is restored.

Updates are being sent to passengers via email and LIAT’s social media accounts.

Due to a large number of calls coming in, passengers have been advised to make use of the airline’s official email address.

The airline has also issued an apology for the inconvenience and states that it hopes to resume its services as soon as possible.