Labourer arrested for attacking two men with knife at Westmoreland

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Kingston, Jamaica: A labourer was arrested for stabbing two men with the knife on their abdomen in Petersfield district at Westmoreland on Wednesday. It is to be noted that three of them were involved in an argument before the incident.

According to the reports, the accused was identified as 26-year-old Christopher Campbell. He was a resident of the Hatfield district at Savanna-la-Mar in the parish.

The police released their statement that the incident took place at about 3:00 pm when an argument has arisen in between the labourer and the other two men. The fight took a devastating turn and Campbell allegedly attacked them.

As per the sources, it has been believed that a 26-year-old took out his knife and inflicted stab wounds to the man’s abdomen. The people across the area informed the police about the matter.

Noting this, the investigating officers responded to an anonymous call and arrived at the location. Upon arrival, they discovered both the males lying motionless on the ground. They found their unconscious bodies with multiple wounds.

The officers took them to the nearby hospital where they were admitted and being treated. Instead of giving medical aid, both of the injured men are in serious condition. The treatment is ongoing and doctors are trying to cure them as soon as possible.

A case was filed against the Campbell and police launched their investigation. During the investigation, they managed to arrest the suspect and he was charged with ‘wounding with intent’ concerning an incident that occurred in Westmoreland. Moreover, the officers also revealed that the court is yet to be finalized regarding the matter.

Additionally, such stances of crimes are not new in Jamaica as citizens are experiencing these incidents on every alternative day. The public urged authorities to take serious actions and implement strict laws to combat the increase of crimes in the Federation.

Whereas, such situations will also have a bad impact on tourism as people will be afraid to visit the island nation due to an increase in criminal activities and this will directly impact the economy of the country.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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