Kimara Matthew introduces a new fashion era in Dominica

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Roseau, DominicaThe Dominican fashion scene has been restructured with the launch of the ‘Blossom Dominica’ project. The project was conceived by Kimara Matthew.

The event was successfully organized at the Alliance Francaise.

Notably, Matthew is a multi-talented fashion designer, entrepreneur, teacher, event coordinator, and health and wellness enthusiast. She has given Dominica fashion a new look through the ‘Rent a Wobe’ initiative.

A fashion designer specifically emphasized the affordability of the national dress.

About the Event

A multi-talented entrepreneur is known for her vibrant personality, and while expressing her excitement about the project, she highlighted the comfort that Blossom Dominica will bring to the natives living overseas.

It is to be noted that this project will give access to local products made from Madras fabric without leaving their homes.

Model showcasing contemporary Wob. (Credits: Jordan Jerome/ Facebook)
Model showcasing contemporary Wob. (Credits: Jordan Jerome/ Facebook)

She has introduced a new website that offers a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable shopping experience for both contemporary and traditional Creole wear. The products include the following,

– Accessories
– Creole shoes
– Creole-inspired handbags
– Hats
– Fascinators
– Straw handbags

Features of Blossom Dominica

The main attraction of the project- Blossom Dominica is the ‘Rent a Wobe’ collection. It was Matthew’s believe that every Dominican household must have a wob dwiyet, a traditional Dominican dress.

This initiative will support every native in accessing this beautiful national emblem without straining their finances, as not everyone can afford to purchase a wobe due to financial constraints.

Cream Fit and Flare with Madras Sleeves wob. (Credits: Jordan Jerome/ Facebook)
Cream Fit and Flare with Madras Sleeves wob. (Credits: Jordan Jerome/ Facebook)

Notably, Blossom Dominica is more than just a fashion project as it is a movement that celebrates Dominican culture. It will promote accessibility and support individuals through fashion.

It is to be believed that ‘Rent a Wobe’ is set to make a remarkable impact on Dominican fashion, which will make national dress more accessible to all.

About Kimara Matthew

Kimara Matthew started her fashion industry with Finesse Beauty- House of Fashion, which is the parent company of Blossom Dominica.

Her journey is full of ambition, empowerment, struggle and strength. While living in Dominica, she experienced humble beginnings where clothing was considered a luxury.

She didn’t have access to luxurious clothes, and due to this, she was not invited to a birthday party because of worn-out clothing.

With Blossom Dominica, a fashion designer continues to defy the odds and forge new paths which contribute to the growth of the Dominican fashion industry.

Matthew’s story serves as an inspiration for many as it proves that one can turn their dreams into reality with passion and determination.

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