Jennifer Lawrence Confronts Anderson For Alleging Faked Her, Fall in the 2013

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Perhaps the most memorable moment of the 2013 awards was when American actress Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell on her way to the podium to accept the award for Best Actress for her performance in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. Due to this, she became a viral hashtag at that time and the victim of tons of memes.

That unlucky incident seems to have gained the spotlight again, 7 years after it happened. Apparently, Anderson Cooper, an American movie journalist has claimed that Jennifer’s “fall” was faked in order to gain publicity. 

To her defense, Jennifer Lawrence claimed that it was a special day for her, which made her very nervous, also unsure if she would win, and all of that added up to her stress. The long pink Christian Dior ball gown she was wearing didn’t help much either, since it was that gown on which she stepped on and tripped. At the time when the incident happened, the actress mentioned she did not find it funny as it was a very sensitive moment for her, although she did joke about it in the years to come.

What really had her in fumes was when she watched CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggest that the fall was staged, because Jennifer Lawrence claimed that the chance for her to not have a speech at the event was devastating, and for someone to claim that she did it on purpose really got her all riled up.

Lawrence confronted Cooper at a Christmas party months later, and eyewitnesses claim that a vein was bulging out of her head (from anger), but Cooper apologized and the two seem to be good friends now.

According to Lawrence, she confronted Cooper and asked him if he had ever tried to walk the stairs to an important stage whilst wearing a ballgown, to which the actor said he had no idea how that would feel and immediately apologized for his earlier accusations. According to Lawrence, she was so angry at the time that Cooper probably went and told people that she was crazy. But all that seems to be in the past now.

Lawrence has talked about her infamous fall before, first in a post-Oscars conference where she compared her stress to that of Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride, jokingly implying that the mistake was intentional.

The second time was in 2018 when she told Howard Stern that she would give anything to go back and redo that moment correctly.

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