Jamaica to introduce Integrated Border Management System for increased security

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The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) of Jamaica is working diligently to introduce an Integrated Border Management System for the Caribbean nation in a bid to enhance its border security significantly. This initiative will include the introduction of biometric systems, which will be used at both air and sea ports.

According to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), the Integrated Border Management System will be functional this year and the biometrics will make use of fingerprint scanning systems, as well as facial recognition, amongst other advanced modalities.

Jamaica has been working towards this system incrementally up till now, which is evident from the fact that the Sangster International Airport already makes use of roughly 6 e-gates which have been equipped with facial biometrics, which are said to working quite efficiently.

Jamaica’s last overarching border security update was conducted in 2004, which is why immigration authorities in the nation believe that it is high time for Jamaica to introduce the latest advancements in the field, thus bringing the nation’s border security practices up to speed with modern standards.

The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) has been quite public about its wish to implement a comprehensive border security system, which has the ability to function in a coordinated manner, allowing for better security parameters to be implemented along the entire border of Jamaica.

The implementation of this new system is not just meant to increase the level of security on offer but also make sure that the new system facilitates the convenient and efficient transit of individuals as well as services through the nation’s borders.

It is also going to aid authorities in managing and controlling the border in an efficient, as well as effective manner.

The primary focus of the new system will be on processing cross border activity in a transparent manner and make sure that only legitimate movement is allowed, thus securing the borders of Jamaica or the foreseeable future.

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