Jamaica: Pregnant woman to appear in court for offence of smuggling contraband

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Kingston, Jamaica: A pregnant woman who was charged with the offence of illegally smuggling contraband is all set to appear before the court on Thursday, 7th March 2024. It is expected that she will fight for bail. 

Notably, the lady was charged with introducing contraband to a lock-up to her partner who was in the clutch of police officials. 

As per the reports, the partner of the pregnant woman was in jail on the charges of murder, assault and the possession of firearms and ammunition when the lady took food for him in the jail.

When the pregnant lady entered the lockup area with the food containers, the officers held a search of those containers. During the search, the authorities found various things in the second container. The things included lighters, marijuana, Rizzla packs and cell phones. 

Following the incident, the pregnant woman was asked to remain in custody. According to the details shared by the officers, the woman was later taken to the corporate area Parish court where she was presented before Senior Parish Judge, Paula Blake-Powell on Tuesday. She was remanded, and her next hearing will take place on Thursday, 7th March 2024. 

Notably, the lady’s common-law partner has been identified as 30-year-old Ojo Russell alias ‘Jerry Stunts.’ While shedding light on his case, Russell was put behind bars for killing Sandra Risden. 

According to the reports, the victim was driving along the roadway when the partner of the lady and another man drove up on a motorcycle and shot Risden to death.

Therefore, several community residents took to their social media accounts and expressed their anger at the lady for supporting her partner in such criminal activities and attempting a crime by herself.  

One person with a Facebook handle Suzette Anderson commented “Such a ruthless thing someone can do, Hope she gets to stay in jail too.”

Another person with a Facebook handle Donna Clarke commented “This man killed a woman that was old enough to be your mother. Yet here you are trying to make him comfortable in prison. Obviously, you know his deeds and are in agreement with them. Gwan a jail man.”

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