Jamaica: NWC to install five-gallon water treatment system in Clarendon

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Kingston, Jamaica: The National Water Commission (NWC) is planning to replace two of three wells with a five-gallon water treatment system at the Low Ground facility in Clarendon. 

The Minister, Robert Morgon, led a water tour to the constituency, along with NWC personnel, on March 27. He is currently serving as a Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information and Member of Parliament serving for Clarendon North Central. 


The tour was conducted to address the challenges, which are being faced by the residents of the Chapelton and Rock River divisions. It is believed that these issues are related to the water. 

Minister Morgon was accompanied by the Councillor for the Chapelton Division, Uriah Mitchell.

The Water Production Manager, NWC- Domaine Wilson revealed that out of three wells, only one well is operating with very little or no water at all. So, they have decided to replace them with a five-gallon of water. 

“The (other two) wells are pretty low based on deforestation, and we are now looking to replace that with a five-million-gallon water treatment system”, Wilson added. 

He further explained that the residents are currently benefitting from only one well, and they are totally dependent on it, while the other two wells are of no use as they contain sand. 

The company is focusing to enhance the water quantity into the tropical area and its surrounding areas to avoid any issue with the water. 

“See how best we can augment water up into the tropical area and its environs, so what will basically alleviate most of the issues that we are having with water here”, the officials from the company added. 

Additionally, the people across the concerned regions, who have no access to the water, shared their issues through their comments on social media. 

While reacting to the news, a person named Georgine Brown commented, “MAINRIDGE needs water too! I was born there and I’m soon 50. So when is our turn! Unuh give us unuh can come look vote!”

Another FB user, by the name of Nancy Dvorak wrote, “Can you help out copper wood st James please we need wate bad.”

Such words from the people reflect their problems due to the lack of water facilities in their region. The authorities are urged to investigate the matter and solve the water issues immediately.

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