Investigation launched on homicide cases, police maintains law & order

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St Kitts and Nevis recently observed homicide cases, according to information two men, a 33 year old and 37 year old were reported dead on Sunday. The tragedies in any nation are part of a whole. However, the government’s action on such cases says it all of their responsibility towards the nation and its people. The authorities of St Kitts and Nevis have positively initiated the investigation of the cause.

As per the reports, it has come forward that in the first incident, a man named Alex Harris (33 years old) got attacked at Basseterre Bus and Ferry Terminal and was found dead. And, two hours later, another case of homicide was reported as Rashiel James (37 year old) was found dead after being attacked by a gunman at a bar on Main Street in Psarson’s Village.

Sources have revealed that the crime which took place is due to personal enmity and is a domestic homicide, and has nothing to target any of the tourists. Although, the officials are still investigating the case for the complete information so the action can be taken accordingly.

The national security of the country is taking all such incidents seriously and is tirelessly working for the safety and security of the nation and the people who come to explore it. Due to such cause, the twin island federation is facing the security regarding allegations which in actual is just a hypothesis which surely is to be proven wrong.

There are several false rumours circulating in the country scaremongering general public and tourists. St Kitts and Nevis is not a cradle for odds and is still a safer place to visit for tourists. Significantly, the nation is even listed among the safest islands in the Caribbean which states the mark of secure and safe living.

This also is not just part of the reports; however, the tourists who visit the country, through personal experiences, highlight their satisfaction in terms of security extended by the Government.

The authorities of St Kitts and Nevis stand united for peace, safety and security of the nation and the people visiting all around the world. The positive actions by the dedicated efforts for the wellbeing of people reveals their positive regard.


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