Hazardous Seas alert for Trinidad and Tobago

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Hazardous Seas Alert ‘Yellow Level’ is issued for Trinidad and Tobago and will be in effect on Saturday. T&T Meteorological Services has shared the information that people may experience a mild or moderate concentration of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere.

It is to be noted that sensitive people are advised to exercise precaution and should take all the necessary measures to combat the conditions.

The weather is forecasted to be hazy, sunny and breezy despite the odd shower in a few areas and the nights are possibly detected fair.

Noting this, TTMS reported that the waves will remain up to 2.0 m and occasionally exceed to 2.0 m in the Leeward in the open waters. Notably, the waves will span 1.0m in the sheltered or covered areas.

Wind speeds near the surface to mid-level (1500 feet – 20,000 feet) are expected to be moderate to occasionally gusty. This may, at times, move down to the surface and produce gusty or gale conditions with strong impacts over elevated areas or around any shower.

Saharan dust in the atmosphere remains mostly light, sometimes moderate, but from the evening of Sunday to the evening of Monday, its concentration is expected to increase from mostly moderate to sometimes high. Sensitive individuals are advised to continue taking necessary precautions.

Due to the bad marine conditions, fishermen and sea bathers are suggested to follow necessary precautions and avoid getting into the water. Further, the forecasters suggested they use lifeguards, especially near the beaches.

The Saharan dust can have a significant impact on the twin-island nation when the dust is transported across the Atlantic Ocean from the Saharan Desert.

The air quality is reduced due to the burst of dust, posing respiratory challenges, especially for people who are suffering from asthma and sinuses.

Notably, the air quality in the nation remains unhealthy and mostly at moderate levels which causes risk to people, particularly children, old age groups and pregnant women.

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