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Twin brothers of Guyana landed up in jail because of their intimate relationships with one woman. 

The brothers have been identified as 27-year-old Afraz and Shaiaz Shirazadeen Ali, residents of Zeelught North, East Bank Essequibo.

The woman has been recognised as Amanda Ramnarine, who complained about the twin brothers.

The cousin of the twins, Natalia, stated that her brother Afraz and the woman have been in a relationship and they are parents to two children, ages 4 and 7.

While talking about the woman, she stated that Amanda is a very aggressive lady. Her brother has been physically and verbally abused by her a lot of times.

Natalia added that the woman has alleged her brother attempted to commit suicide. Her brother was fed up with the fact that he was being ill-treated by his partner.

Due to this incident she went to the police station and she filed a report, which led to the arrest of Afraz, who was charged and imprisoned for three years.

Moreover, just after the arrest of Afraz, the woman ended up getting intimate with the twin brother of Afraz.

Notably, Amanda demanded that she will go to work and Shaiaz would stay home and will take care of their home by cleaning, cooking, etc.

Further, Shaiaz found a job, but Amanda refused him to go out for work, which annoyed him. He told the woman that he could no longer do what she wanted him to do.

It is to be noted that Shaiaz was going to work when Amanda followed him and tried to take him back home. Shaiaz was physically and verbally abused by the woman.

After getting beaten up by the woman, Shaiaz told her that he would not be able to live with her and ended his relationship with her.

Shaiaz also added that she wronged not only him but his brother as well. Due to this, Amanda went to the police and filed a complaint stating that Shaiaz assaulted her.

The complaint by the woman resulted in the arrest and punishment of six months imprisonment for Shaiaz.

The relatives of the victims are requesting the authorities to look into the matter and take corrective action.