Guyana to soon establish Coffee Industry, people express joy 

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Guyana: The Ministry of Agriculture, Guyana announced that the country will soon have a coffee industry. Such an announcement has created excitement among the public.  

As per the reports, the people of Guyana consume about 47 million cups in a year and the local industry will benefit the people to a great extent. And, the coffee grown in the country is among the oldest coffee in the world and was introduced in 1721 by the Dutch.

The benefits of locally produced coffee will offer great taste, and will also cost less. On this news, people reacted positively. One of the citizens even mentioned, “Hopefully the taste will improve, the last pack I had was not nice.”

Such a statement by the citizens reflects the quality of coffee in the country and how the changes will make people feel joy after the industry is established. “Local coffee will be lovely,” added the netizen.

Considerably, people even recalled the times when the country had its own coffee production.

“ We once had an abundant ground coffee market,” commented one.

“Guyana had coffee and cocoa produced here in 80s,” mentioned another.

“It’s about time some get back to growing coffee beans and create an industry out of it,” added another netizen.

Different people have different views which even were clear from several of the opinions by individuals as a person shared a concern about the rushing prices of cocoa in the country. He added that why not cocoa as well should be part of the local industry. He mentioned. “ Cocoa is the new gold.”

The person shared that the price of cocoa in Guyana has increased in the country which not only has just increased, but it has doubled in a few months. The facts even present that it will continue to increase.

Planting cocoa locally also provides great benefits to the country and its people. It will clearly direct agricultural growth leading to economic growth in the country.

George Henry
George Henry
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