Guyana man robbed of $2 mn by bandits sent by customer

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Yudistir Hardeen, the owner of Hardeen Betting Complex, was allegedly robbed of two million ($2 million) cash and other valuable things by bandits. It was alleged that bandits were sent by a customer.

Notably, the incident occurred at Lot 40 Herstelling Public Road, East Bank Demerara, Guyana, on November 25, at 22:00.

As per the information shared by the victim’s son, “the mastermind behind it is alleged to be a customer.”

The son of the victim shared the name of that customer, who has been recognised as “Boyo”.

The victim’s son shared that his father contacted him at 21:02 hrs and asked him to pick him up from his business premises as he was waiting for him.

As per the details, “Hardeen had sent the person who worked under him to close the business premises gate and as he was about to do so, a black car pulled up in front of the business place and three men came out from the motor car.”

“The employee who had thought that they had come to purchase something told them that the complex was closed,” shares the details.

However, the men ran into the complex.

The customer, namely Boyo, was alerted by the employee, but he ignored his warning and went back into the complex and sat down.

As per the CCTV footage, Boyo, who was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans, was seen walking into the complex and sat down. Though the men who entered to loot the complex were there, he was still sitting in the shop by the door.

The bandits first robbed the valuables of the customer. Subsequently, the culprits went to the cash register and looted $2M in cash, perfumes, cell phones and other valuables.

The matter was instantly reported to the Providence Police Station.

Moreover, according to the information, Boyo is the alleged mastermind behind this incident.

Hardeen’s son stated that Boyo set up this robbery. He added that, after the robbery, the alleged went to the Sleep Inn Hotel and took up his share from the bandits.

Boyo was caught red-handed by the son of the victim and handed over the proofs to the Police officials.

Boyo’s phone, which was alleged to be taken by the bandits, was given back to him.
Therefore, increasing the victims‘ and sons’ doubts about Boyo.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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