Man attacked by Policeman off duty in Guyana.

Guyana: Man attacked by Policeman off duty

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Malcolm Hercules a 28-year-old, who is also known as Mela or Buck, a resident of Lot 416 Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara, Guyana was brutally attacked and chopped by a businessman who is also a Policeman.

Reanna Hercules, the wife of the victim stated in an interview with one of the news channels that Malcolm went to a shop which was owned by the Policeman along with his friend.

As per the information, the policeman was off duty at the time when the victim came to his shop to purchase something to drink.

The woman shared; the victim’s friend went to the policeman’s gate to buy alcoholic beverages while the victim was standing on the road. The victim heard an argument between his friend and the businessman which was then intervened by the victim.

While sharing about the incident, the woman stated that her husband pulled away his friend and was walking away. Subsequently, he threw a bottle which he had in his hands on the policeman’s property.

The victim’s wife stated that her husband was aiming for throwing the bottle in the gutter unfortunately her husband missed the aim. Thus, the bottle landed on the parapet in front of the man’s home.

Due to his missed aim, the businessman ran out of his yard armed with a cutlass, following the man start running in order to safe him from the policeman.

However, the policeman caught Hercules, therefore Malcolm Hercules dealt with several chops to his entire body. Subsequently, he was thrown away in drain by the policeman.

The victim’s wife also stated that her husband was told by the policeman that he would have shot him, if he had his gun.

The citizens pulled out Hercules from the drain and called the police officers.

The victim was unconscious when he was pulled out of the drain due to which, he was immediately taken to the hospital.

The Doctors of the hospital made a through examination of the victim and treated him.

Moreover, it was also added by the victim’s wife that when her husband went to the Vreed-en-Hoop police station to lodge a report of the incident which happened with him. He was then told by the officers that they will not take his report.

Therefore, the victim’s wife is pleading for the justice for her husband.