Guyana: 29-year-old man shot dead by his stepbrother

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Guyana: A 29-year-old, Anthony Akeem Haynes shot dead by his stepbrother at Graham’s Hall, East Coast Demerara, Guyana.

Notably, the 2-month-old baby girl of the victim, Destiny Haynes was grazed by the bullet on her left shoulder due to which she is also hospitalized. The suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Gaza Genna Side or Wang.

As per the information, the victim had two other children age 2 and 3 with a woman he previously shared a relationship with. Currently, he used to live with his third child, his little baby girl and her mother at Graham’s Hall.

One of the sources revealed that the victim and the suspect definitely were stepbrothers but still they used to share a close bond and would often hang out and do almost everything together.

According to the source, the victim and the suspect were both at Haynes place, and the child’s mother of the victim was cooking in the kitchen and Anthony was holding his little girl in his hands and was playing games. Subsequently, Wang told the victim to call up someone to see what’s the plans for the old year so that they can go there.

“After some time, we heard Wang shouting at Anthony and stomping up very hard on the floor. Later, a gunshot was heard,” stated by the anonymous source. It was also added by the source that after being shot, Haynes said to his stepbrother, “Bai look what you do.”

Haynes fell to the ground along with his child in his hands. Hearing the gunshot, the child-mother of the victim rushed out of the house and picked up her child and ran out to get a taxi to take the victim to the hospital.

At that time, it was not realized by the baby’s mother that the bullet had grazed her child also. Meanwhile, the suspect tried to pick up Haynes to take him to the hospital, but the victim collapsed on the roadside while they were on their way.

The baby’s mother came back to the location as she could not find a cab for her and when she arrived, the suspect hugged her and said that he is very sorry for what happened and said that he didn’t mean to shoot his brother.

Further, Haynes was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he was announced dead by doctors on arrival. It is to be noted a single gunshot was discovered on the man’s left side chest. The baby girl was examined by the doctors and has been admitted to the hospital.

The anonymous source also revealed that the mother of his baby is still in trauma over the manner in which she lost the father of her child as well and her baby is also hospitalized after being injured by the same bullet that killed her father.

Nia Roberts
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