Grenada Sports Minister’s vehicle collides with teenage cyclist

An unfortunate vehicular accident involving Grenada's Sports Minister, Ron Redhead, occurred around 5:30 pm on Saturday in the community of Willis.

Grenada: An unfortunate vehicular accident involving Grenada’s Sports Minister, Ron Redhead, occurred around 5:30 pm on Saturday in the community of Willis. The incident saw the minister’s vehicle collide with a teenage cyclist.

The aftermath of the collision was met with relief as there were no serious injuries reported. However, in line with standard safety procedures and out of concern for the young cyclist, he was transported to the general hospital for a comprehensive assessment and observation. The incident serves as a timely reminder of the importance of road safety, even in familiar community settings.

In the wake of the recent vehicular accident involving the country’s Sports Minister and a teenage cyclist, the Grenada Information Service (GIS) has issued a statement. They reassured the public, stating, “We want to assure you that all parties concerned are safe at this time.”

GIS, acting as the voice of official communication, further took the opportunity to advise the general public on road safety. They emphasized, “We kindly urge motorists and pedestrians alike to exercise due caution and responsibility while using the nation’s roads.” This statement underscores the importance of vigilance and safety awareness for all road users to prevent such incidents in the future.

However, conflicting reports are emerging about the severity of the cyclist’s injuries. Aysha Calliste-Ollivierre has shed light on the matter, stating that the young cyclist suffered a pelvic injury and a broken femur bone, among other complications. Currently, the young man is undergoing surgery.

Statement of Aysha Calliste-Ollivierre

Many are questioning the initial reports that downplayed the gravity of the incident, with Calliste-Ollivierre poignantly asking, “What’s not serious again?” She further stressed the need for public figures and the community to rally around the injured youth, adding, “How about wishing the young man well and praying for him? Please let his mother know why you do not think it is serious.” The tone of her statement underscores the importance of accurate communication and the genuine concern for the wellbeing of the injured.

Emmanuel Floyd

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