Grenada Artificial Reef Project marks 10 years journey 

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Grenada: The Grenada Artificial Reef Project (GARP) completes its 10 years as it was initiated in 2013 by Dive Grenada in collaboration with the Government of Grenada.

This project is committed to marine conservation, laying great emphasis on environmental protection. The Grenada Artificial Reef project was launched with an objective for the prevention of adverse effects of climate change. Also, the project deals with the damages laid by storms and overfishing on the near shore reefs of Grand Anse Beach.

The Grenada Artificial Reef Project was founded by Phil Saye who further provided the insights to the description of the project. He added that the project is an effort for the creation of an effective and substantial artificial reef structure. This as well fosters the regeneration and natural recruitment of marine life.

As the journey of this project started in 2013, with the current year 2023, it has marked a decade-long journey which has even proven the successful functioning of the work done under this project.

The underwater placement of 80 pyramid-like structures by last month (November 2023) is evident evidence of the successful and effective functioning of The Grenada Artificial Reef Project. Interestingly, this establishment of pyramid-like structures has raised expectations by highlighting the enhancement of biodiversity and ocean life biomass.

Moreover, The Grenada Artificial Reef project greets visitors at any time who wish to witness and experience the in-progress transformation of the area. This project even stands as a testament to the measures taken forward for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Grenada Artificial Reef Project in 2023

This year, the project had a collaboration with an international-based NGO – Clean Reefs. The organization provided financial aid for the establishment of 20 additional pyramid structures. Not only this, in association with Dive Grenada, the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) is co-funding the training cum internships for four students from the region.

Further, such training provided to the students will help for the monitoring and maintenance of the working of Grenada Artificial Reef Project for a better marine environment.

George Henry
George Henry
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