Good Morning Saint Lucia to kick off with episode about Sacred Ibis

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Good Morning Saint Lucia, a TV programme resurfaces with the grace and resilience of the African Sacred Ibis.


The Sacred Ibis has an extremely large range and can be found throughout most of Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. It is to be noted that they have also been documented in Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

Sacred Ibis

The Sacred Ibis lived in a large colony located near waterways throughout Africa. Notably, these species of birds have slender and curved bills.

Noting this, they use them to explore shallow water, grass or mud when during foraging. Further, this species is a sociable bird who lives, travels and breeds in flocks; on flight, they form diagonal lines or V-shapes.

Moreover, this formation reduced wind resistance for the birds following behind. When the leader of the flock gets tired, he falls to the back of the formation, and another Ibis takes his place at the front.

The Sacred Ibis is recognized as a quiet bird that only grunts or croaks on breeding grounds. In ancient Egyptian society, this specific bird was worshipped as the God Thoth and was supposed to conserve the country from plagues and serpents.

Initially, the birds were often desiccated and then buried with pharaohs. Both the male and female take turns guarding the nest until the chicks are large enough to defend themselves. In addition, both parents help each other to feed the chicks.

Notably, the Sacred Ibis is an ancient species with fossil records dating back 60 million years. The Ibis symbolizes adaptability, balance, purity, unity and mystery.

The spirit of these birds is driven by the will to survive in the most difficult conditions. Additionally, there are over 9,000 bird species on Earth, and they are spread over the whole planet from the poles to the equator.

Good Morning Saint Lucia- Vibes at Sunrise took to their official Facebook handle to share this news. Many people reacted to the post as well. One such person by the name of Fond Canine wrote, “Patiently awaiting, Happy new year to you Shannon.”

Another person named as Malvina Lorrimer commented, “Nice, waiting for the revamp Morning Vibes.”

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