Flooding & harsh weather conditions leaves 3 dead in Haiti

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Haiti island has been witnessing heavy rainfall and flooding for two days, which has taken at least three lives, as per the statement issued by the head of civil protection authority of the nation. The people in flood hard-hit areas or high-risk zones are currently being evacuated by the rescuers, after which they confirmed the death toll.

In conversation with a media house, civil protection director Jerry Chandler stated, “We have three fatalities in the (Nord-Ouest department) and one person is still missing”, noting that the rescuers are already trying hard to find the missing one.

Meanwhile, according to the weather authorities of the Caribbean island, at least 20 districts across Haiti have been affected by the fierce rainfall, storm and weather conditions. The Northern region of Haiti is the most affected.

Not only this, but these harsh weather conditions have also flooded a power plant, and one bridge collapsed, after which the movement for the local residents got isolated.

Aljazeera, a news media house, reported that in several localities, many people were seen evacuating and trying to save their vehicles, whereas some families held hands with each other as they tried to get flowing floodwaters while balancing large bags of clothes and other things on their heads.

Although, no official statement has yet been issued by the government authorities of the island country. These harsh conditions have made the recovery phase in Haiti from the 7.2 magnitudes of the earthquake more worst. The Caribbean country is already battling with a lot of issues, such as – hunger and food crisis, political instability, rapidly soaring gang violence, fuel crisis, murderers, kidnappings and many more.

The situation of Haiti is getting so worst, forcing people to move to locate to the United States or other Caribbean countries, that too in an illegal way, as the majority of the population strives to get a loaf of bread.


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