Flash floods claim 33 lives, injures 27 in Afghanistan: Taliban Spokesman

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Islamabad: A Taliban spokesman shared that the heavy flooding and continuous rain claimed the lives of 33 people in Afghanistan and about 27 individuals have received severe injuries during the last three days since Friday.

The Taliban’s representative for the State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management, Abdulla Janan Saiq, released his statement on Sunday, mentioning that the flash floods have hit the various provinces of the country including Kabul.

According to the information, the conditions are getting worse in Afghanistan as the ongoing natural disasters have led to the destruction of more than 600 houses. It has been noted that approximately 200 livestock have completely faded away in the water, with causalities from the collision of the roofs.

Heavy rains set off flash flood in Afghanistan. (Credits: News18, Facebook)
Heavy rains set off flash floods in Afghanistan. (Credits: News18, Facebook)

Saiq further added that the overflow of flash flood water has completely ruined about 800 hectares of agricultural land and around 85 kilometers (53 miles) of roads. Some of the provinces which got highly affected by the natural disaster are as follows,

  • Kabul
  • Western Farah
  • Kandahar
  • Southern Zabul

The weather department has issued an advisory as the forecasters believe that the people of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan may experience more rain in the forthcoming days. They cautioned the residents to adopt necessary precautionary measures and avoid getting out of their homes in such weather conditions.

While speaking about the current conditions in the country, official of the disaster management department- Janan Sayeq said that flash flood have caused severe damage to humans and land.

“From Friday onwards, because of the rains there were flash floods which caused high human and financial losses”, Sayeq added.

The sources revealed that about 34 provinces of the Afghan nation are under the influence of heavy showers, which usually follow dry winter season. Due to such conditions, the farmers of the land are forced to delay planting.

Afghan men sit atop of military vehicles as they cross through a flooded area. (SANAULLAH SEIAM/GETTY IMAGES)
Afghan men sit atop of military vehicles as they cross through a flooded area. (SANAULLAH SEIAM/GETTY IMAGES)

Additionally, the people across the globe took to their social media handles (Facebook) to express their condolences and concern regarding the conditions in Afghanistan. Some of the comments read as,

“Calamities and natural disasters continue to pile up on Afghanistan. Allah really loves Afghanistan to death”, quoted one.

“My condolences message goes to the parents who had lost their belove families, to take heart so that the almighty God will reward them again for gifts”, commented another FB user.

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