Fire at Rose Hall Town leave three people homeless

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Georgetown, Guyana: A fire caught in Rose Hall Town Fire on Tuesday, left three people homeless who were living at Lot 257/258 Fourth Street at Corentyne Berbice. It is to be noted that the house was owned by 25-year-old Jonnel Giddings.

Giddings is a nurse by profession, working in the Whim Health Centre. At the time of fire, the Rose Hall Town Fire Station was called off and firefighters responded to the matter.

“When I come home and I reach it, the house was already gutted. The Fire Service was here”, a 25-year-old disclosed. Continuing to the statement, she added, “everything that a home is supposed to have destroyed.”

According to the reports, a nurse was living with her six-year-old son and one-year-old daughter. Moreover, she stated that she secured the house before leaving the place around 21:00 hours.

It is to be added in Giddings’ remarks that her children were staying with a relative. Furthermore, a day before the incident, a victim was hanging out with some of her friends. In due course of time, she received this terrifying news and thereafter she rushed to her home to investigate the matter.

Further, the two-storey wooden house and one-bedroom was totally damaged due to the sudden fire. As per a 25-year-old mother, the owner of the house resides over and she was living as a tenant for years.

Moreover, she has said that she is looking forward to have her own land for herself and her children which will provide her children a secure and safe life.

“I would like to have help in terms of my own home. I had applied for a land and I didn’t get call, so this would be a good time for me to have it. It would be a great help for me and children. At least that can be a start for me to get back on my feet and get certain things do and get my children comfortable again. Because, at the moment my children are main focus and my first priority”, Giddings added.

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Ana Allen
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