FAO hosts Fourth Global Conference, discusses Banana Industry Challenges 

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations hosted the Fourth Global Conference of the World Banana Forum (WBF) at their headquarters to address various challenges faced by banana producers.

The conference was organized in order to find the measures to boost banana sector. The banana industry experienced a downfall due to climate crisis, high coasts of transportation, fertilizer costs, high energy and the spread of the destructive Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4) disease. 

Notably, the WBF and FAO Director- General- QU Dongyu gave the opening address. He touched several topics of concern which has affected the production and discussed the measure to combat the situation. 

“Bananas are among the most produced, traded and consumed fruits globally, with more than 1000 varieties produced worldwide. They provide vital nutrients to many populations”, added Dongyu. 

He further stated that he has witnessed significant growth in banana production, especially in the least developed countries with low-income food deficits. Such conditions directly boost their economies and contribute to food security. 

The demand for bananas enhances its production and offers many opportunities for the people in the Federations, such as job creation and income generation as cash crops. 

The meeting is expected to bring positive outcomes, which support and encourage the overall development of the nations. The countries are focusing on benefiting small businesses as they consider them a priority, 

“Income from growing bananas can account for up to three-quarters of the total monthly household income for smallholder farmers and generate over $10 billion in export revenues annually, the bulk of which accrues to developing countries”, said Director-General Dongyu.

Moreover, he urged all the stakeholders to work collaboratively and adopt more sustainable production practices. While speaking about the reduction of the production, he underlines the fact that high inflation affects the selling and purchasing ratio. 

“Better market access will require a substantial investment of resources, including financial.”

The officials, who attended the global conference expressed their commitment to secure and guarding the existing banana markets as well as work towards expanding the exports in regional and international markets. 

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