Equity Minister visits Boys Training Centre ahead of Christmas

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Equity Minister of Saint Lucia Joachim Henry visited the residents of the Boys Training Centre on Friday and extended his heartfelt wishes and festive cheer ahead of Christmas.

It is to be added that the Minister of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment extended greetings to the residents of all the institutions for the vulnerable across the nation under the remit of his Ministry.

The details were further added about the institutions, i.e., The New Beginnings Transit Home (NBTH), Boys Training Centre (BTC), and The Upton Gardens Girls Centre (UGGC).

Notably, the equity minister again visited the residents of the Boys Training Centre to spend some time there, creating unforgettable moments and bringing smiles to their faces.

Additionally, he offered surprise gifts to the BTC residents with two of the latest gaming consoles (PlayStation 5), which brought joy and excitement to their faces during the holiday season.

Noting this, Minister Henry extended his commitment to championing the cause of the less fortunate during the festive season and beyond.

He further stated that the festival shares and gives joy to the people, and he also urges them to lend a helping hand for them to make their life a little better.

Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and spreading joy. We must remember those who may be facing challenges and lend a helping hand to make their lives a little brighter”, Minister Henry commented.

The equity minister focused on the importance of collective efforts in creating a more resilient society and called on individuals and corporations to contribute to supporting the initiatives that would help the most vulnerable and marginalised society to grow.

Further, Minister Henry expressed his gratitude to the staff at Upton Gardens Girls Centre, Boys Training Centre and The Transit Home and recognised their tireless efforts in providing support and care to those who are working under their charge.

It is to be noted that he also extended the vote of thanks to the multiple individuals and corporate partners who contributed to ensuring the protection and care for the jeopardy society.

Notably, Minister Henry affirmed, “As we celebrate the festive season, let us remember the true spirit of Christmas by extending kindness and compassion to those in need. I am proud to lead a Ministry that is committed to serving as a champion for the less fortunate in society.”

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