Ephraim Penn has been named as the RVP (Caribbean) of Commonwealth Games Federation. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Ephraim Penn elected as RVP (Caribbean) of Commonwealth Games Federation

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British Virgin Island Olympic Committee and British Virgin Island Commonwealth Games Association’s President, Ephraim Penn, has added another prestigious accolade to his name. As, Penn has been elected as the Regional Vice President (Caribbean) of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

He was elected for his role as the Regional Vice President of the Commonwealth Games Federation at its general assembly, which was conducted in Singapore on 15th November 2023.

At the same time, Chris Jenkins OBE was elected as the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation. He received 64 votes from the 74 member nations and territories.

Regional Vice President (RVP) Penn has taken over this baton from Senator Fortuna Belrose of Saint Lucia and the former President of the Saint Lucia Commonwealth Games Association. Fortuna Belrose served many years of his life as an RVP, which has been handed over to Ephraim Penn.

RVP Penn will represent the interests of the Caribbean region and continue with the development of sports that the outgoing RVPs have maintained for all Caribbean nations.

It is to be hereby added that, RVP Penn has promised to continue to strengthen the position of the smaller Commonwealth Games for a unified regional representation in the movement towards sustainability and the other Commonwealth Games.

The officers that are newly elected from the Caribbean along with Ephraim Penn, namely:

– Sandra Osborne from Barbados has been elected as the Vice President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

– Brendan Williams of Dominica will be the athlete representative.

– Cliff Williams from Antigua and Barbuda has been selected as the Sports Committee Caribbean.

– Judy Simons from Bermuda has been elected as the Regional Vice President of the Americas.

Three new Vice- Presidents elected for the Commonwealth Games Federation:

– Sandra Osborne of Barbados

– Dr Donald Rukare of Uganda

– Hugh Graham of Cook Islands

Six Regional Vice-Presidents that have been selected for this CGF:

– Colonel Botsang Tshenyego for Africa

– Christopher Chan for Asia

– Craig Philips for Oceania

– Helen Phillips for Europe

– Judy Simons for Americas

– Ephraim Penn for the Caribbean

Commonwealth Games Federation announced the new members of the Sports Committee, namely:

– Cliff Williams for the Caribbean

– Francesca Carter-Kelly for Europe

– Antoine Boudier for Oceania

– Penalva Cezar for Africa

– Lt Gen Harpel Singh for Asia

– Andrew Brownlee for Americas